Building On Your Own Lot?

For most people buying a new home means purchasing a new home on a lot, whether it is in a new subdivision or infill housing in an already established area. However many people in our rural community of CK begin the new home process by buying their lot first and then find someone to build their home.

The best word of advice that I can offer here is to hire a professional new home builder. Don’t choose someone to build your home just because you think you can save a few dollars. The other misconception is that some homeowners feel that they can contract their own home to be built and will save all kinds of money. The big problem with going that route is that the builders buy product and service at better numbers and also have trades that are dedicated to their business and not the average homeowner trying to build their own house. So the money that you think you save, you lose in the end together with the added stress of selecting products for the home.

To begin with, not just anyone can build a house. It takes skill, experience and knowledge. Professional builders keep their skills honed and stay up to date on building techniques and products. We are familiar with building regulations as well as permit inspection requirements. Furthermore we have a network of skilled trades and reliable suppliers and know how to schedule and manage the entire construction process efficiently and cost effectively.

Professional builders protect their client’s best interest. You don’t want to be liable for any potential accidents that can occur on the jobsite and builders carry all of the proper insurance coverage for protection. They also back up their commitment to their clients by ensuring that the home is enrolled with Tarion Warranty.

Your new dream home is an important investment. Before you sign a contract make sure you know what you are getting into. Ask a lot of questions and check references. A good builder/client relationship makes for a great new home building experience.