Building Trends, What’s Hot?

Today’s homeowners are seeing value in adding luxury spaces and features and are really investing quality into their homes. They are turning their homes into their own oasis and creating a home to retreat to. These are some of today’s newest building trends.

Builder Basic Is Out- Home Oasis Is In
Today’s homeowners are seeking out at home luxury, not only in their communal living spaces, but also in the private quarters. Such luxuries include the spa bathroom, steam showers, radiant floor heat and large showers with all of the bells and whistles.

The Formal Room Is Out- The Great Room Is In
Grandma’s formal livingroom with the “don’t touch” sofa is a thing of the past, as great rooms have become the centerpiece of today’s modern family home.

Energy Pigs Are Out- Green Is In
With green remaining the buzz word in the homebuilding industry, zero energy homes are gaining attention. From high efficiency appliances to energy efficient lightbulbs there are green changes that make cheaper alternatives.

Unsynched Homes Are Out- Synched Homes Are In
Smart homes that are fully wired to a central hub continue to grow in popularity. By integrating all of your heating, lighting, security and media needs. Homeowners are able to set the tone of their home making it ready to greet them after a long day at work.

Simple Siding Is Out- Mixed Materials Are In
Today, one siding choice is no longer the desired choice of consumers. Instead combinations of finishes are being used to make a design statement and create a feel for the home.

New Is Out- Old Is In
Today, there’s something to be said for traditional, classic designs which are gaining popularity all over today’s homes especially in the kitchen.

Mansions Are Out- Pint Sized Perfection Is In
Many new homeowners no longer look at a small house as a starter home, instead, small homes are packed full with all of the luxuries and amenities of ‘McMansions”, but are tailored to fit today’s home buyers to a “T”.