Energy Star for New Homes

What’s in it for the Homeowner?

You may not need to know every technical detail of energy efficient construction to appreciate that the Energy Star label is a government backed initiative and really does deliver all the efficiency, comfort and financial benefits you’re interested in. Energy Star qualified homes are saving the homeowner money compared to standard homes built to minimum Ontario Building Code.

To achieve Energy Star for New Homes status builders select from an array of possible improvements. An independent Home Energy Evaluator conducts onsite testing and inspections to verify that the home qualifies. For the New Home Buyer this a great piece of mind.

Invisible to the naked eye, most Energy Star improvements are hidden under the skin of your new home. The specifications that must be met to achieve Energy Star labeling fall into 2 main categories which are 1- improvement to the building envelope 2- better mechanical systems. A tighter envelope yields a more comfortable and more energy efficient structure. Upgraded exterior wall and attic insulation as well as a high performance window are a couple of key components to an Energy Star Home. One of the secrets of an energy efficient home is to minimize the possibility of air to leak out through unseen openings. Sealing holes and cracks in the home’s envelope and in duct systems help reduce drafts, moisture, dust and pollen. A tightly sealed home improves comfort and indoor air quality while reducing utility bills. Better and more energy efficient appliances, lighting, heating, A/C and ventilation make for a less costly home. High efficiency furnace, A/C coupled with an HRV unit and a modern water heater do an amazing job of reducing energy waste from your homes biggest energy consumer.

There are currently almost 200 builders across Ontario who have partnered with EnerQuality to construct Energy Star qualified homes. By the end of the decade more than 50,000 homes are expected to have earned the Energy Star for New Homes label. The trend is clear and there is no question, energy efficiency is a great investment and a smart buy.