How Important is Residential Construction to Ontario’s Economy?

OHBA represents 4200 member companies organized into a network of 29 local associations including our own CKHBA across the province. Together we build 80% of the new housing in Ontario.

75,076 Housing Starts In 2008
The 2009 market soften due to consumer confidence and global economic headwinds however 2010 is looking more positive. Each new home built in Ontario is not only a roof over the head of a family, but it provides thousands of jobs and generates significant dollars for all 3 levels of government.

365,000 Jobs
The new housing and renovation sector is the largest industry in Ontario. High paying direct and indirect jobs are provided every year by the residential construction industry.

$37.8 Billion
In 2008 the value of new housing and residential renovations and other related expenditures in Ontario totaled $37.8 billion.

$18.13 Billion in Wages
The average weekly wage in Ontario’s construction sector is $966.57. This compares to 938.88 average in all industries.

$3.46 Billion in Income Tax
Total income taxes for the federal and provincial government is generated from Ontario housing starts, renovations and other related expenditures.

$3 Billion in GST and PST
Total collected by our government.

$770 Million in EI premiums and WSIB
Total collected by our government.

I think the statistics show just how important our residential construction industry is, not only to our local economy here in Chatham Kent but also across our province.