New Homes Today Have Come a Long Way

Depencier June 2011 004

Today’s new homes include many things such as solid energy efficient construction, bright open interiors, healthy indoor environment, low maintenance materials and innovative features that meet the needs of today’s lifestyle. In a very competitive marketplace, new homebuilders are using advanced design, materials and construction techniques to provide home buyers with a wide range of options and great value.

Design: Good home design begins with an understanding of how people live in their homes. Times have changed and our lifestyles have evolved. New homebuilders offer fresh, innovative plans and designs to meet the needs of today’s consumers, using modern technology to build homes that are attractive, highly functional and feel good to live in.

Energy Efficiency: Thanks to the major advances in building techniques and product innovation, today’s new home owner can expect to use only half of the energy required for a similar home built in 1950, and at the same time enjoy a far more comfortable living environment.

Safety: New homes boast many products and features that ensure your family home is a safe environment. Whether it’s superior air ventilation and heating systems, stair railings and risers, improved electrical components or products that reduce gas emissions, a new house is built to a stringent code.

As the old saying goes: “They don’t make them like they use to.” Well I say, that is very true, but the reality is we make them much better.