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Understanding our commitment to you.

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Building Dreams and Relationships…

As the general manager of Depencier Builders Ltd., Dave’s goal is to achieve total satisfaction for each of his clients by maintaining a close one-to-one relationship with them, and addressing all of their questions and concerns. Starting as a framer in the construction industry, he facilitates a hands on approach to operating his own business, by personally supervising each step in the construction process.

A Professional Interior Design Service is Included to assist each customer with selecting from the many available options and choices covering all interior and exterior design elements for each new home or renovation project.

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Energy Star for New Homes

What’s in it for the Homeowner? You may not need to know every technical detail of energy efficient construction to appreciate that the Energy Star label is a government backed initiative and really does deliver all the efficiency, comfort and financial benefits you’re interested in. Energy Star qualified homes are saving the homeowner money compared to standard homes built to …

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How Important is Residential Construction to Ontario’s Economy?

OHBA represents 4200 member companies organized into a network of 29 local associations including our own CKHBA across the province. Together we build 80% of the new housing in Ontario. 75,076 Housing Starts In 2008 The 2009 market soften due to consumer confidence and global economic headwinds however 2010 is looking more positive. Each new home built in Ontario is …

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HST Is Here, What Does This Do To Residential Construction?

I have to say it is a sigh of relief that the day is finally here and that the reality has set in. I t has been a rather long and dragged out affair for all of us builders and trades people that are in the industry. It seems like we just get use to a system and our government …

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