Fred and Fran Martin

“Please accept our recommendation for David Depencier (of Depencier Builders Ltd.) as a competent and qualified builder of our home in the year 1998. We found Dave to be skilled and knowledgeable in all areas during the building process. He made himself available to answer our concerns and questions.

We were impressed with the quality of workmanship from start to finish. There were only minor repairs and alterations in which he promptly adjusted at the end of the house construction. Our business with Dave was very gratifying and appreciated!”

Pat and Jenn Cameron

“We are very pleased with our Depencier built log home. Throughout the build process, quality workmanship, dependable service and professional advice were provided. Depencier Builders was able to take our vision and ideas and make them a home.”

Theresa and Dargan Burns

We are pleased to recommend Depencier Builders Ltd. as contractors for new home building. They undertook construction of our current home as of November 1, 2004, for completion April 1, 2005, and actually finished it as of mid-March. They and their sub-contractors worked under fairly difficult conditions during late November and early December, and had the house closed in December 20th. They retain sub-contractors who take much pride in their work, and who try very hard to meet your demands. As well, they use the most up-to-date methods and materials. Every effort is made to meet building code requirements, and suggestions for improvement are freely given. They do excellent follow-ups to correct any errors or defects that may appear, bringing back any sub-contractors as required.

David Depencier was readily available for advice and suggestions during the planning stages, and worked closely with us in detailing as we neared completion. We feel strongly that you would be very pleased with the work that he and his employees would provide for any home you might contract with him.